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Kokka coat

I recently bought this handmade (not by me) coat made of one of my favorite Kokka fabrics, not knowing yet whether it would still fit Rosa or would be for the new baby. Well, I think Rosa can still wear it a few times before we pass it on to the baby!
And if you wonder why you've been seeing Rosa with a plastic bag filled with bread crusts on about each picture lately: it's not how we serve the poor girl her lunch, but this.

Coat: found on Marktplaats through this seller, dress: Imps & Elfs, tights: HEMA, golden Mary Janes: Bisgaard


Suzanne on 2012-10-12 17:51

Hoi Nina!

Was weer eens aan het kijkje bij je aan het nemen! Leuk om het jasje terug te zien op je blog!

Groetjes Suzanne

Daphne on 2012-10-21 20:49

Hoi Nina, ik wilde even laten weten dat ik nog steeds heel regelmatig hier kijk om te genieten van die lieve Nina met haar supeleuke kleertjes! Wat wordt ze toch al groot. Hopelijk is haar zusje straks net zo'n plaatje!



Sigrid on 2013-02-09 23:52

Hi Nina

I love your website and your daughter is jsut the cutest. I feel very inspired by the way she is dressed. I will keep checking your website out for more inspiration. Kepp taking those gorgeous photos



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