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Her own choices
When a few months ago people told me that their two-year-old was already making it's own clothing choices, refusing to wear this and insisting to wear that, that still seemed like a far-away-in-the-future thing for me. True, 18-month-old Rosa never liked to wear hats and protested against very warm wool cardigans, but besides those comfort issues she didn't really seem to have an opinion on what outfits she wanted to wear.
But guess what? Only three months later this has changed quite a bit! Not only has she decided that from now on she'll only wear wellies as shoes (bad luck for you, mama & rest of the shoe collection!), she also already chooses her own coat, and sometimes even her hat (!! When she found out that one of her hats was made by her favorite aunt Olga, all of a sudden she wanted to wear it...) and scarf. And so far her choices have been quite funky! ;)
Dress: ?, jacket: Kik Kid, leggings: Noppies, Wellies: Prenatal


Neel on 2012-09-14 14:57
Ze heeft goede smaak!
Nina on 2012-09-14 16:40
@ Neel: vind ik ookwel!
Hoewel... ze wil ook nog wel eens mijn ondergoedlade overhoop halen en wat ze daarin vindt als een soort muts/sjaal omzich heen draperen ;).
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