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Addicted to ducks
Like her mom's a bit addicted to buying children's clothes, Rosa has her own addiction: ducks! One of the first things she shouts once she's woken up in the morning is 'Ducks! Ducks!', and if I'm lucky we're heading to the park to feed the ducks at about nine in the morning, but sometimes we already find ourselves there at like 7.30...
So when I had promised Rosa a visit to the park to feed the ducks, but then noticed that she was looking so cute and quickly wanted to take a few pictures, you can imagine that she wasn't too pleased...
By the way I actually bought this Albababy suit for the new baby that we are expecting in December, but when the suit in size 68-74 (4-9 months!) arrived, I noticed that it still fit our petite 20-month-old girl. And though I actually want a few new things for the baby that haven't already been worn by Rosa, I couldn't help putting it on to her... Such a cute suit! Now I've ordered another one in a bigger size, so that next year Rosa and the baby can wear the same outfit! (not planning to start doing that all the time, but just for once and with such a sweet outfit I thought it would be nice! ;))
Red crawler: Albababy, striped onesie: HEMA, red wellies: unnkown


olga on 2012-08-26 13:46
Oh, de kleine tuinkabouter!!
Lisa Goudzwaard on 2013-03-27 11:48

Hoi Nina, Ik zie nu voor het eerst deze blog van je, maar geen enkele foto van flickr is zichtbaar. Ligt dat aan mijn pc of aan internet? Groetjes!!

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