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Young kids wearing shiny white: it's a sweet-looking but slightly impossible combination. There's a lot of things that you learn about yourself when you become a mother, but one of the most remarkable ones to me -especially given the fact that I'm normally not a super tidy housewife kind of person at all- is that I can't stand the look of stains. As soon as I see only the smallest stain on Rosa's clothes, I have to keep myself from neurotically changing her whole outfit. And yes, I know that's silly, because children and stains... yes, I know! ;)
Anyway, knowing this about myself now I probably shouldn't have bought Rosa this super sweet white Eliane & Lena outfit (there's a matching white legging, but on these images Rosa is wearing only the tunic), but sometimes imagining your kid wearing a flimsy white outfit in summer makes you do silly things!  
White tunic: Eliane & Lena, pants: handmade


Eileen on 2012-07-06 22:11
Rosa looks like a cherub in her beautiful white tunic! The pants are sooo cute. Eileen
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